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Praise for Stand for the Family!

"WOW. I started your book last night/this morning at 2 am and couldn’t put it down until 3 when I decided I’d better hit the hay.  Just RIVETING reading from start to where I forced myself to close it.  What a great fight you’re waging and what a great fight needs to be won. …  The writing is crisp and moves right along, no bog-down moments.  It’s hard to put down after I picked it up.  I look forward to reading more as the tides of opportunity ebb and flow." P. S.

"I know.  This book is all I can talk about lately.  Stand for the Family has called me to action. Have you ever wondered what it means to 'stand/fight for the family'?  I have.  I had the desireto do it, but I didn't knowhow.

Stand for the Family clearly states how each one of us can fight for the institution of the family (and make a real difference!), as well as why it is important.

My husband and I went to hear Sharon Slater speak last week. Before the event, my husband was really dragging his feet. He didn't think he'd hear anything he hadn't heard before. She told a couple stories from the book and illustrated how even a full-time mom with fishy crackers in her purse can make a genuine difference...worldwide!

During her speech, I didn't know if my husband was interested or even listening.

When Sharon Slater closed her remarks, I headed to the back to purchase ten books. (Yes, 10!) As I started the transaction, my husband came up behind me and said, "Make it 20."

What is it about Stand for the Family that empowers two laid-back people to make a stand? Well, besides being a critical issue that we believe in, Sharon Slater shows over and over through research in her book, that it is best for society to preserve the family.  It is well-written and well-documented.

Honestly, what else can I say?  Please go read this book!"  E. B.

"Congratulations on writing your book Stand For The Family, it was incredible. It will go down in my top 20 and possibly top 10 most influential books, and I read a lot. I know I have one more reason to become financially free because your organization is one worthy of pouring in millions of dollars and dedicating personal time to. I plan on joining your organization and hopefully one day accompany you or a representative to the UN to do battle with them. It is time for me to get in this fight. I never realized how sexually perverse the world has become. … I also plan on writing a book review of your book and posting it to my website, which will hopefully get others to buy it. I think every human being alive should read your book especially anyone who has the smallest desire to protect the family and especially to save civilization and our liberties."  B. B.

"I just finished your great book, "Stand for the Family."  I am truly grateful for your gift of such well-thought-out information and back-up. I have been waiting for someone to "do it right." You did. The information is clear, to the point (which is rare these days), fair, and logical.  Any reasonable person would love to have this book.  After planning to do a similar book because no one else had, you saved me from having to do it.  And you did it better and from deeper experience. … I feel honored to have your book and I recommend it heartily. …Thank you for meeting this crying need to strengthen the family, without which the race will self-destruct. … You have my full support in encouraging your book and your organization."  D. S.

"Thank you for the wonderful information in your book which gives people like myself, who get all tongue tied and worked up, information to use as tools to educate people." L. S.

"My sister recommended your book and I loved it as frightening as it was. Thanks for getting the word out. I now feel much better prepared to know how to stand up for the family in many ways."  P. R.

"I finished your book, Stand for the Family, this afternoon.  Ironically, I also received in the mail an “Idea Book” for educators sponsored by A&E, Lifetime Television, History Channel and Bio: True Story.  I read this magazine with new eyes after seeing the subtle indoctrination in our public schools."  N. P.

"I just finished reading your book. It was very helpful to me to understand the issues and forces that are attacking the family.  I appreciate having the facts available to refer to, without the sensationalism and distortions that accompany communication on many political issues."  R. H.

"I loved your very inspiring book."  M. K.
"I read your whole book the day after we met. I loved it!!!" S. L.
"Thank you for the good work you do.  I have already learned so much from your book, Stand For the Family.  It has helped me to understand why what I believe doesn't make me a bigot - something that was lacking before." J. W.